TFS does not allow me to check in 3rd party .dll files

Why TFS doesn’t add some DLL in Bin Directory?
TFS and referenced DLLs
keep referenced dll in TFS
TFS does not allow me to check in 3rd party .dll files
adding a dll to a project, best practice?

I’ve found the best practice for 3rd party DLLs is to create a “Library” folder in your sln/proj file structure and copy all the necessary DLLs into this local folder for reference.(or tfs providing Libraries ) You’ll also want to make sure these DLLs are checked into source control. This way, everyone who works on the project gets the exact same versions of all DLLs, and the reference paths are exactly the same.
Referencing 3rd party libs in a arbitrary download or install location will be problematic, because it will require all developers to maintain the same download structure for all DLLs. Also, if everyone references DLLs outside of the project structure, it’s harder to guarantee that everyone’s on the same version.

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